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The Classic by Hamboards

There are no words to describe how riding on this board feels but let me try… PURE STOKE. The Classic is the most noseridable board from Hamboards. It is 6’6, has a barefoot friendly grip and 97mm 78A wheels with ABEC7 bearings. It also has massive 200mm spring torsion trucks with deep wheel wells meaning you can do insane carves and it will never wheel bite. My favorite part about this board is that it truly feels like you’re riding a surfboard on a perfect glassy day and is the ultimate mood lifter when the surf is flat. So if you’re landlocked this board is definitely going to be your next best friend. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners unless you have a little background in surfing as the board is very heavy and its maneuverability can be a little tricky at first but if you’re up for a challenge and want the true Hamboards experience then I say GO FOR IT!

Best used for: noseriding, carving, walking or just cruising

Level: intermediate to advanced.

Price: $549


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The Fish by Hamboards

Another gem from Hamboards. The Fish is the ultimate carving machine. It is 4’5 with 90mm 78A wheels and ABEC7 bearings. It also comes with 200mm spring torsion trucks and deep wheel wells like the Classic. I would say it is the most maneuverable board from Hamboards and offers insane rail-to-rail driving, turns and speed. I love its 70’s shape since I am obsessed with vintage boards. It rides fast and loose exactly like your typical twin fin surfboard. Just like the Classic, it is not the easiest option for a first-time rider but definitely worth it. I find myself using that board the most as it is lighter and smaller than the Classic and think it helped a ton with my surfing especially when pumping down the line.

Best used for: carving, cruising

Level: intermediate to advanced

Price: $299


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The Pilsner by Arbor 

My favorite board to cruise around or find a last minute surf shop with when you got to the surf spot and realized you’re out of wax (happens way too often…). It is 28.75 inches long with 61mm 78A wheels and ABEC5 bearings. It comes with standard kingpin 129mm Paris trucks. Don’t freak out if all those numbers seem overwhelming, they don’t really matter if you’re just trying to cruise or purchasing your first board. To be honest I didn’t even know which trucks I was using on this board until I wrote this blog post haha. I have a special love for Arbor boards because my first skateboard that I purchased was an Arbor and I feel like it’s part of the reason why I fell in love with skateboarding. That board is soooo easy to ride and is super fun. It is light and portable and makes the perfect board for beginners. It also has a kick tail so basic skateboarding tricks can be attempted.

Best used for: cruising, carving, around town skating

Level: beginner to advanced

Price: $128


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The Mini Simmons by Carver

I could write for hours about this board so I’m going to try to keep it short and simple (we’ll see…). Carver skateboards honestly changed my life, I remember trying a demo board at a surf shop 5 years ago and riding it for the first time felt like I was riding a magic concrete wave in heaven. I think every surfer out there should have a Carver in their car at all times! It’s the perfect surf trainer and concrete wave slasher. The Mini Simmons is my personal favorite from Carver because it is smaller yet provides sick tight turning and easy pumping. It is 27.5 inches long with 65mm wheels. I recommend getting the CX trucks for a more snappy/shortboard experience or C7 for a slower, longboard surfing kinda feeling. Find yourself an alley with smooth driveways and you’ll feel like you’re surfing Uluwatu on an empty day. Even if you’re not a surfer, this board is insanely fun and provides the best carving experience there is. It’s a little more tricky than a conventional board like the Pilsner by Arbor for complete beginners but you get used to it very fast.

Best used for: carving, cruising

Level: beginner to advanced

Price: $222


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The Super Surfer by Hobie

Very different from the boards mentioned above but this board is must if you’re into vintage skateboards. I have an obsession with old school skateboarding and anything Z-boys gives me chills. This Super Surfer is a replica of the original Hobie Super Surfer from 1965. Hobie led the way in skateboarding in the 60’s and the Super Surfer was one of the most popular boards of that era. A few things were modified to make it safer for modern day skateboarding but overall it is the same and truly makes you feel like you’re riding a piece of history. This board is tiny, doesn’t have grip and is best for just cruising around, perfecting your style and feeling like you just used a time machine.

Best used for: cruising

Level: vintage boards lovers only

Price: $220


By Louise Maurisset (@louisemaurisset)


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Skateboards

  1. Great post! Thanks for the tips and inspiration 🙂 I pretty sure my next purchase will be the Pilsner by Arbor! Keep up the great spirit!


  2. Thanks for the helpful post! I wanted to ask your thoughts on Hamboard vs Carver for surf training (if you had to own only one—unless they complement different aspects)…the Carver looks to be closer to a traditional skateboard, and more widespread, though I can’t tell if their popularity over Hamboards is simply due to name recognition instead of some intrinsically different or superior performance quality. Would love to hear your thoughts!


    1. Hey Stephen! It depends what kind of surfing you’re into. Hamboards are great to practice your cross step, hang ten etc … (so a great option if you’re a logger). While Carver is more an all-around surf skate designed to get you that shortboard/cruisey feel, super snappy and responsive. If I were to pick one I would probably choose a Carver because you’ll get to use it more often in various situations whereas Hamboards are just so freaking big and heavy that you kind of just leave it in your car and only take it out whenever you encounter big empty lots. Hope that helps!


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